Dreadnought is a project we started with four friends, we wanted to start a personal project while we were working together in the professional world of animation. Our goal was to develop our own ideas, to use our inspiration in a short scene and to combined our talent to be able to improve our skills.


Mario García Nogales

Modelling: 3D Max Studio and Mudbox. 
Topology: Topogun 
Unwrap: Headus UV Layout 
Rigging: 3D Max Studio. 
Textures: Photoshop CS5, BodyPaint y Mudbox
Shaders: mental Ray


Alberto Trujillo González

Modelling: 3D Max Studio and Zbrush
Topology: Zbrush
Unwrap: 3D Max Studio 
Textures: Photoshop CS5, Zbrush
Shaders: mental Ray

Lighting and Compositing: Nuke, Eyeon Fusion, Premiere cs5.5, Mental Ray, 3D Max Studio

Manuel Perez Sanz

Thinking particles, Fume Fx

Julian A. Lucas
3D Max Studio