This is the ilustration of the front cover of a Sci-fi book, “The Dirty Reds” by Anthony Pearson.

I finished the whole image in three months.


The Dirty Reds is a futuristic Novel based on trench warfare in a distant universe. The key protagonists are illustrated in the artwork and are caught in a moment in time just before a major offensive. The gritty Colonel Redding who has seen it all and can deal with all situations. Yanick, who is capable and aggressive and who hides a dark secret and finally Zax, who is young, scared and is just trying to stay alive. Alberto’s artwork encapsulates these characters and the terrain beautifully and will allow any reader to use these as the keystone for their imagination.

The Author – Anthony Pearson.


I modelled most of the things in Zbrush and I made the lighting with mentalray using Skyportals,photometric and mentalray standard lights. The composition was made with nuke.